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Pilates Instructor, Kelly Keesler

About Kelly

Kelly Archbold is a classically trained private Pilates instructor, celebrity trainer and group fitness instructor living in the Hudson Valley, New York. She teaches private and semi-private sessions at her studio in New Windsor and connects with her far away clients virtually from home. You can also find Kelly on the schedule at Barre Body Soul where she teaches her Pilates Fusion class weekly.


Kelly began her fitness career in New York City after discovering that long hours sitting at a desk at her design job did not bode well for her physical or mental health. Kelly has been an athlete practicing movement since her early days as a gymnast as a young girl. It was only natural, then, that she gravitated towards Pilates as her preferred exercise method, as the focus on precise, proper movement and the mind-body connection appealed to her senses. Kelly also enjoys HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts, cardio sculpt classes, dance cardio and the Lagree fitness method, and often incorporates elements of each into her sessions.


Kelly is comprehensively certified through Core Pilates NYC, a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) accredited program that traces its Pilates lineage back to Romana Kryzanowska’s original Pilates studio. There, she gained her knowledge of the Pilates method but also her casual, caring, yet challenging teaching style that her clients rave about. Kelly believes that every client is different and every body is different–which allows her to continuously learn from and be inspired by each client on her schedule, daily. She values not only improving her clients' strength and overall body functionality, but also helping others gain an invaluable mind/body connection. Kelly’s teaching style has been described as caring yet challenging and silly yet serious. She aims to push her clients to succeed but also reminds them that it is only a workout and not to take themselves too seriously. 


After 8+ years of teaching in NYC, Kelly now shares her love of Pilates and fitness through private sessions with her clients in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas as well as virtually. She offers at-home and online private sessions as well as group classes (in-person and online) for private events, corporate wellness, and organized groups of friends looking to workout together. Kelly is also pre and postnatally certified and enjoys safely training new and soon-to-be Mommas.


On the weekends, you can find Kelly chasing her 1 year old Ruthie around the park or visiting breweries with her husband, Bryan. Pilates and pints, anyone?!

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