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Virtual Sessions

Kelly offers one-on-one and duet virtual training via Zoom for friends beyond the Hudson Valley or those who prefer virtual workouts.

Read about some of her clients' experiences and then fill out the contact form below for more information on booking your private session.

"Though I'd done Pilates on and off for years, I’d never stuck with it for very long until I met Kelly. Despite the fact that I normally hate exercise, I’ve now been doing private sessions with her for four years. I started with her not long after having my second child and working with her really helped my core recover and my back pain disappear. Kelly is great at explaining each exercise, getting to know clients’ unique bodies and needs, and making corrections or adaptations when needed. She's the best teacher I’ve had: positive and encouraging, but never lets me get away with anything - even over our recent Covid-era Zoom sessions!​ "

– Melanie K.

"I tried workouts with several highly regarded fitness instructors and trainers to find the right fit and Kelly is by far the best I’ve experienced. She has gotten me into the best shape of my life. Communicating positions is second nature to Kelly, and she is helping me build a deeper relationships with my body that extends far beyond our sessions. I am a pottery teacher and Kelly has inspired a transformation in my teaching philosophy, improving my student’s and my own experience in the classroom tremendously. Kelly is incredibly talented, highly motivating through a positive and supportive approach, and an expert by any standard. You will leave your workouts empowered and amazed by what you accomplished."

– Rebecca M.

"Kelly’s workouts BURN SO GOOD! I saw a substantial change I my core strength after having 2 kids in less than 2 years. I am stronger and more flexible than I was 4 weeks ago. Thank you!"

– Allison S.

"After many months of physical therapy and various pain management tactics (including epidurals) for my herniated discs, I turned to pilates for the first time ever. I purchased an intro 3 pack with Kelly and am totally hooked- already noticed a change in my body. Kelly is attentive and firm- she wouldn't let me slack or allow laziness of posture get in the way of my workout-- everything I wanted in a personal session!"

"UPDATE: I purchased an additional 5 sessions with Kelly because it has been such a game changer for my back and have not been disappointed."

– Perrin L.

Send Kelly a request with your prefered dates and times to book a private session using the message box below. Include anything else you'd like Kelly to know.

Questions? Email Kelly at or call 631-338-6435.

Book a Private Session

Thank you for reaching out! Kelly will be in contact soon.

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